We declare that this is our year of supernatural fruitfulness! All barrenness and infertility is uprooted and removed from our lives right now, in Jesus name! Every desert has turned into a river! Every wilderness has turned into a spring, and every barren place has turned into a fruitful place right now, in Jesus name!

Everything that concerns us is producing perpetual and unceasing fruit. Our ministry produces unceasing fruit. Our marriages produce unceasing fruit. Our children produce unceasing fruit. Our finances produce unceasing fruit. Our destinies produce unceasing fruit, in Jesus name!

Father, we thank You that You have chosen us to bear fruit and that our fruit should remain. We receive the precious fruit of souls that You have assigned us to reach. We thank You that not only do we receive the precious fruit of souls but we are equipped to disciple them, equip them, and empower them to hear from You, to receive from You, to discover what they’re called to do, and to fulfill it in Jesus name! We thank you that this is Our Year of Fruitfulness, in Jesus name.