In 1993, Apostle Mike & First Lady Michele started the first of four businesses. Throughout their business endeavors, they employed over 108 employees throughout five major cities.


Apostle Mike and First Lady Michele began Abundant Life Christian Center in August 2000. The church grew to over 500 members in four locations, Nashville, Columbia, Tullahoma, and Murfreesboro, TN; and will launched a Hispanic ministry as well. They’ve been blessed to have a television broadcast that airs nationwide and impacts millions of viewers. Apostle Mike and First Lady Michele are also the founders of Abundant Life Covenant Ministries which has taught others how to reach their fullest potential in Christ.

With a sincere heart to please God, Apostle Mike has truly accepted the call to win the lost to Jesus and edify the body of Christ. He continues steadfast in his mission to teach people the how-to’s of faith, ultimately positioning them to possess the Abundant Life that Jesus came to give.


Lady Michele is a native of the Nashville area. She has received various certifications throughout her education. After she completed her education, she crossed paths with God’s perfect will for her life concerning a spouse.


Lady Michele and her husband started the first of four succesful businesses. In six short years, their companies expanded to five different cities with more than one hundred employees. In the midst of all of their success, the Lord has blessed them with two wonderful children.

In August of 2000, Lady Michele aided her husband in founding Abundant Life Christian Center. Lady Michele works closely with her Pastor and husband to ensure that the vision of the Lord is always being perfected.

Lady Michele is an example of a virtuous woman as described in Proverbs 31. She is an awesome role model and exemplifies godly traits as a daughter of God, wife, mother and friend. Lady Michele began the Women of Liberty Outreach Ministries. (See the Women of Liberty page for more information)

Lady Michele is a woman led by the Spirit, skilled in the Word of God and exercises her Faith on a daily basis. She is committed to leading other women in achieving excellence and success in their lives. She accomplishes this by working with them to discover the path to personal freedom.