Honoring the children that God brings to Abundant Life is one of the greatest missions here at our church. We consider what happens in our children’s ministry experiences to be as important as what happens in the main sanctuaries. We make every effort to honor your trust by creating a safe, secure environment for your children to learn about God.

Therefore you shall lay up these my words in your minds and hearts in your entire being, and bind them for a sign upon your hands and and as forehead bands between your eyes. And you shall teach them to your children..” -Deuteronomy 11:18-22 (AMP)

The central objective of Power Kids is to build up Children in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. In turn, they will demonstrate God’s power through a knowledge of His word, walking in holiness, and living a life set apart to God. We accomplish this by teaching the power of God’s word, His laws, and His promises. This includes learning about the saints and events that lead to the Gospel of Christ, His crucifixion, and His redemptive power manifested in the children of God.

NURSERY (AGES 0 TO 3) In our nursery, children will become familiar with God’s word through praise and worship, prayer, stories, and activities that encourage Godly behaviors.

EARLY CHILDHOOD (AGES 4 TO 6) Our children will continue to increase in God’s word through praise and worship, involved lessons, and activities. The children will be encouraged to display these same teachings in their daily life and develop as prayer warriors in the kingdom of God.

OLDER ELEMENTARY (AGES 7 TO 11) The children focus more in-depth on the word, God’s behaviors and commandments. They learn to meditate on these lessons and incorporate these teachings in their decision making. They will become more fluent with using and reading the bible, developing a stronger prayer life, and building a deeper relationship with the Lord.


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