The central objective of this ministry is to build up a people of purpose that demonstrate God’s power by living Godly lives, (lifestyles that give glory to Him). We accomplish this by teaching the uncompromised Word of God by the imparting of spiritual truths. These truths take believers from simply knowing God’s Word, to experiencing it in their daily lives.

Pastor Mike Whitsey received from God the vision of building a distinct church in multiple locations. At these sites, people will be taught the “how-to’s” of faith, ultimately positioning them to posses all that God has promised in His Word, develop His character in their lives and maximize their fullest potential.

Through an example of excellence in ministry, ALCCM will encourage people everywhere to aspire to this same level of excellence in their ministry, careers, and in every area of their personal lives.

This born-again, spirit filled church places high emphasis on unity established a love for God and each other. We will transform husbands, wives, and entire families, which will give glory to God and impact our generation and those to follow as we follow Jesus Christ.

Our ministry’s intent is to reach people with a message of hope, faith, and love as we endeavor also to disciple and restore the homeless, providing a testimony of God’s goodness in their lives.

Finally, we purpose to train and mentor other ministries, inspiring them to trust God to the point of experiencing what He has instilled in them.